A question without an answer

I often wonder if the concepts on which we think are often just the characters they represent. I often wonder what is real in our life. Why does every thought always give a person an extremely nihilistic sense of absurdity? Or is prejudice the ultimate way for individuals to explore the truth? What is real? […]

Neruda:Glorious city

A postscript to watching the movie Neruda I remember that Neruda wrote poetry on a typewriter, so I changed the voice of the keyboard of the computer to the voice of a typewriter. in this space that despises poetry and freedom, which is enveloped by the aesthetic appreciation of power, I was anxiously evoking freedom […]

the plight of South Asian civilization

Why is the fate of South Asia and the Tibetan Plateau always so similar? While all are beginning to perceive India and Tibet in a polarized manner, Indians and Tibetans are wavering between the superiority of others’ fantasies and their exaggerated legacy. Compared with Indians’ blindfold of western fantasy, Tibet was deeply rooted in the […]

The right and wrong of Tibetans

Yeden Tsering`s poem and collective paralysis Many years ago I thought that Yeden Tserings poetry was especially good. After reading his poem, all Tibetans could not help but be proud of their own nation. Only then did I discover that when a poet, praising a nation for a lifetime, gained a huge reputation, he became the […]