Neruda:Glorious city

A postscript to watching the movie Neruda

I remember that Neruda wrote poetry on a typewriter, so I changed the voice of the keyboard of the computer to the voice of a typewriter. in this space that despises poetry and freedom, which is enveloped by the aesthetic appreciation of power, I was anxiously evoking freedom with a faint light.

In order to face a free city with dignity, my burning patience was at the foot of a mountain in Lhasa, eager to meet the dawn.

The loneliness of Latin American literature permeates the soul. This scarred continent seems to bear the eternal suffering of human beings, knocking on the beginning of Maya civilization. a stranger like the dead and lonely eulogizes freedom here and refines the profound meaning in solitude. Look – marquez’s century-old family ghostly reveals people’s pale face; Borges’s dark library shows the dignity and loneliness of god. Even Coelho and unknown so are asking about backward and confused dilapidated places. This is like a reservation in everyone’s heart, about discovery and lonely territory – what reason do I not like?

It is strange to think about it. when you communists and friends want to leave Chile with Neruda, the winding valleys and snowy mountains, as well as the ceremony used to eliminate disasters halfway, all give people a very mysterious and familiar impression. so why is it not the epitome of all places that are not free? It seems that in every way of escaping from freedom, there will inevitably be unimaginable twists and precipices in front of you. Watching the movie, I was amazed that the long and narrow country on the map, close to the poor areas of Peru’s fishing grounds, had even betrayed freedom! For the sake of the Spanish – speaking world’s resistance to colonization, they have suffered the price of endless loneliness and tears!

Perhaps, in the nature of villains, it is the only victory to create loneliness. In the former Soviet union——which is good at exile, Botswana——where bokoHaram dominates, in apartheid south Africa, in the bloodthirsty Khmer, in chaotic and cruel Chechnya, in Venezuela——where ambition has devoured conscience, in the Kurdish retention area, where glory has been lost to vegetation, and in Myanmar, where Buddhism hypocrisy is used to kill foreign Dan ethnic groups, in many unspeakable places – power aesthetics creates loneliness, distorts people, destroys dignity, and makes emotions run away ……. the wicked continue to win, kindness depreciates, and the rest of the beings become accomplices of evil, destroying the wisdom of their ancestors in strange ways.

Watching biopic movies has never been comfortable. In order to avoid this kind of discomfort, the movie list is full of simple and vulgar comedies and similar Hollywood movies. In this era, people do not want to face loneliness, use silly joy to dispel profundity, exclude different souls, and even hate people with personalities. Sadly, people who are good at thinking need to compromise before they can survive. The narrative structure of the movie is very chaotic, and story-telling is always sudden. However, it is obvious that in order to delicately restore Neruda‘s great soul, each actor has performed his role very well.

I am in Lhasa, a brilliant and pale place. tonight, I also want to say something about freedom in the same position as a poet or author. I want to pierce lies and be faithful to my soul. The rules of this place make people extremely uncomfortable. how similar is the aesthetics of this place to that of prisons. under these rich illusion, there are many unspeakable holes and helplessness hidden. In this infinite lonely land, everyone practices the hardship and heaviness of life with anti-intellectual thoughts and unified language.

As a thinker, I saw many people imagining victory but not eager to observe and act. I also saw many people displaying evil features under the mask of goodwill. Even more people were seen living in destruction and dying anonymously.

Neruda‘s childhood was beautiful. his love for poetry made him good at understanding the beauty of the world. He loved the big tree that thrived in the rainforest, the leaves on the tree, the residual dew on the leaves, and the slightly damaged spider web under the dew.He loves his father, loves the farm, and loves the moon like a woman. In the noble woman’s home, he marveled at the wisdom of his ancestors and their pursuit of beauty, and longed for beautiful creations. He loves life and poetry, together with politics. In his clean heart, life is poetry, poetry is politics, politics is as beautiful, relaxed and noble as poetry.

This movie reminds people of many things that they have forgotten. Let me remember that Wednesday afternoon long ago, I leaned back against the bookshelf in the foreign language literature section on the third floor of the library. In Dickinson and Neruda, in jack London and Dostoyevsky, in Thoreau and Margaret’s sentences intoxicated himself. I am the young man who has no time to think but loves writing, likes freedom, is not afraid of being interfered with, yearns for life and tomorrow, and wishes to complete other people’s life.

I have loved Neruda‘s poems since I studied literature in university. I also like Neruda very much. Like the big trees in the jungles of south America, they make good use of precious nutrients in the poorest land, compete for survival, take root in the suffering land, and wave their branches and leaves to god.

On such a night that is not deep enough, in the faint rhythm of breathing, I face my own loneliness and feel the hardship and happiness of being.

That’s great! In order to be free, learn to think; In order to think, make good use of freedom.




2018.8.9 midnight

Compound of neighborhood Committee of barku village, chengguan district, Lhasa