A question without an answer

I often wonder if the concepts on which we think are often just the characters they represent. I often wonder what is real in our life. Why does every thought always give a person an extremely nihilistic sense of absurdity? Or is prejudice the ultimate way for individuals to explore the truth? What is real? Is it sensory acceptance, measurement, or group deception? Is the individual’s mental strength worth being elevated or dwarfed?



I totally remember when I walked along every familiar or unfamiliar path to think about problems, these problems are always everywhere. There is still no answer to the big questions that have puzzled me all my youth.


The more I feel my ignorance, the more I have the desire to learn. The more you study, the more you want to be lazy. The final result of your thinking is often just a taste and a stop. There is no conclusion at all. During my college years, I was almost like waiting for Godot for answers, trying to get close to them every day, trying to read, flaunting myself and even despising authority. I also began to think about the tram problems and religious sermons, each of which seemed so attractive, but I still didn’t want to enjoy myself in a narrow sense. Therefore, I tried to read more books, try to express myself, try to convince others and try to leave the comfort zone.


There is still no answer.


I don’t like to regard humanistic feelings as business, but I have to say that a few films such as ” Forever Young” are really good. The so-called truth sought by Tsinghua students in the Republic of China is actually the same as my exploration confusion and answer. When he saw Tagore and your teachers in the Tsinghua Auditorium with dignity and composure, he discovered the truth brought by abundance and tolerance from the propriety of example. During the war, he, who has become a teacher, recited Tagore’s verse to the college students and told them to ask for life and to be true to himself in the future.


But this is a desert-like country, and everyone is not anxious to explore the meaning of life, nor does he intend to dig his own truth. Everyone is in the middle of the social media or numerous connections, vain and fearful. For many people, thinking has instead become a channel for quick success and quick profits. This kind of mind, which cannot settle down, has further cut off the space for thinking, and sadness and mediocrity have formed a closed loop to stop thinking itself.


Don’t forget to be true to yourself, which is probably the threshold of all truth. Through the ages, those who have been remembered by history often dare to analyze themselves and accept themselves frankly. Shakyamuni’s forbearance, Aristotle’s persistence, Augustine’s piety, Galileo’s courage, Van Gogh’s sensitivity, Wilde’s disenchantment, and Mishima’s aestheticism still choose to try to be honest with their souls even though they are suppressed by authority or conservative society. The reason why great people are great is that they have always used their best ways to pursue life and face reality. Compared with them, we are only quietly dying with narrow busyness and the most habitual idleness.


I didn’t mean to tell people what kind of life is meaningful with a little worth thinking about. I thought for a long time, and finally I didn’t have an answer. Moreover, compared with my naivety, the great characters and the pen and ink they left behind are more sobering and more thorough. So, despite reading books! In reading, we will move our persistence and cultivate a mentality of forbearance, and more importantly, you will accept yourself more truly than yesterday, you will be richer than the life you set limits on, and you will even become close friends with a great soul.


After all, I don’t have the answer. I don’t want to say it. I’m going to read it.



November 14, 2018