Yeden Tsering`s poem and collective paralysis

Many years ago I thought that Yeden Tserings poetry was especially good. After reading his poem, all Tibetans could not help but be proud of their own nation. Only then did I discover that when a poet, praising a nation for a lifetime, gained a huge reputation, he became the voice of the collective paralysis in this nation.It's not hard to say that a group is good and then strongly praises it. The hard part is that your writing must make people alert, too much self-feeling will stop all your compatriots from developing. What a terrible thing for Tibetans.

Present, the Middle Ages of Tibet

Every time I see the history of the Middle Ages, I look back at our Tibetan society. When religion began to intervene on a large scale in social life, I found that history is always very similar.

Pioneer of Tibetan culture

Do not always interpret the Tibetan culture by foreign scholars as a matter of pride. The fact that we are not capable of studying the national culture and in turn need the participation of others is a sad thing in itself. No matter how much foreigners know about Tibetans, our understanding of the outside world is still at a dark stage, which is not related to the innate resources of Tibetan culture.
In fact, the most pride of condition is that foreign scholars, like the pioneers, are studying the cultural heritage that the Tibetans themselves can not inherit and explain.

Feminist issues in Tibet

In other countries, feminism is a driving force for social progress, but in Tibet it is a media chip to speed up social division.
We must understand that the true feminist progress has been really realized without writing a few articles on equality between men and women. For people to think about it, stop sexism from themselves. Equalization of the status of women in the family should be taken as the consensus within the family and society. The rights of Tibetan women are low and the cause of women's rights is struggling. Most of the reasons are that the members of society do not care and the influence of public opinion is minimal. Sadly, the women workers in the women's federations and the government agencies are extremely indifferent to women's rights.
Sometimes I think that deliberately emphasizing the identity of women will deepen people's discrimination and segregation of women. The best way is that we desalinate sex attributes. Women should also improve their own cultural literacy in order to counter the patriarchal Tibetan community.
In addition, my mother worked hard half-life, never heard a festival belonging to women.

Tibetan anti-intellectualism

The wisest people in Tibetans have become entertainers, and artists are  more popular than intellectuals. This peculiar and humorous Tibetan phenomenon cleverly explains why the social and cultural level is getting worse and worse.

Tibetan people have no personality reasons

At university, I noticed that almost every Tibetan college student enjoys similar interests and hobbies. It behaves in a very similar way. It reads very similar books. The narrow political stance and arrogant nature are similar to those who do not. No wonder the public opinion of Tibetans is almost the same, this is the reason.
Every day, in fact, the lack of individuality in Tibet will eventually be forgotten by history.

Tibetan "vegetarianism"

Vegetarianism should be a personal choice, and should not be recognized by the Tibetan moral creed. Rinpoche chanted chaos and religious conservatives willingly brainwashed. But please, do not be so sloppy to change a nation through thousands of years of eating habits.

Distance between intellectuals and the masses

I saw a WeChat public number saying: "Truly speaking on behalf of Tibet often drives the" yak head "car in the dim light of Wuhou District in Chengdu. Regrettably, the real Tibetans are grazing in the pastureland Real yak ". I agree.
Intellectuals stay away from the public, explain that there is such a big difference between the Chinese and the Tibetans!

Tibetan people's season

At amdo, Tibetan peasants, every spring and early summer, people collectively go to Tibetan pastoral areas.Excluding ecological cost, dig Cordyceps sinensis for money. The money earned, however, was spent on the construction of traditional wooden houses, clinging to each other, gathering in the village, chatting and lying about the price of the house.
Tibetan herdsmen, crazy to welcome the team of farmers digging Cordyceps, leading to their own pastures, farmers levied high rent. As soon as Cordyceps sinensis team leaves. They took the rent money to countless Xining City, spent the entire winter squandered, by the way wait for another year to dig Cordyceps sinensis people.
I have no intention of evaluating the way of life of farmers and pastoralists. Peasant farmers lying in the rural areas, urban high-end hotel elevator encountered, carrying family members, holding Buddha beads herdsmen. In a winter, it is the "Tibetan season" on this plateau.

The difficulties of Tibetan elites

On a pro-rated basis, there are many talented Tibetan people. But few have succeeded. Nothing more is because, behind a short-sighted family. In front of some unreasonable government decree. Deep in the soul has a particularly easy to compromise heart. Even hard-earned and independent economic incomes have been divided up by gurus and monasteries, parents, relatives and friends.
No independent spirit, there is no independent income, not surprisingly, the elite talent to become display. So I said that there is no elite in Tibet!

The difficulties of Tibetan elites

On a pro-rated basis, there are many talented Tibetan people. But few have succeeded. Nothing more is because there is a short-sighted family behind them; facing so many unreasonable decrees; deep soul is a conviction of easy compromise; and even hard-earned independent economic income is paid by gurus and temples, parents, relatives and friends Each circle is divided.
No independent spirit, there is no independent income, not surprisingly, the elite talent to become display. So I said that there is no elite in Tibet!

ethnic college for Tibetan had problem

This is a huge refutation. The more enrollment students from ethnic minority universities, the worse the quality of Tibetan university graduates. The expansion of minority universities should be a good thing. However, good behavior and resentment leave us with ample room to think about everyone.
Due to their lack of competitiveness, other university students in Tibet wantonly waste college time and stupidly return to grab civil servants. What's wrong with our minority university education?
Compared with other ethnic minorities in China, I have to say. Tibet education is a total setback.

Copyright gray area of Tibetan society

Disrespecting the copyright, the legal awareness of labor copyright is another huge defect for the Tibetans. In other nations, intellectuals and artists can make a living by creating themselves.Even the high-level intellectuals gathered in various ethnic universities. People routinely make photocopies of copyrighted materials.In recent years there has been a sudden increase in illegal booksellers who do not respect copyright in the society. Every copy of the copyright article will be unscrupulous reproduced under the premise of claiming the non-signature As performing arts groups even more chaotic, the same original song will be sung by many later people. Last  month's song popping out of this singer's mouth, there was another singer singing next month without changing lyrics and rhythm.
Tibetan cultural workers are truly mulling their opposition to the Berne Convention for World Copyright Agreement.

Tibetan people's time concept

Earlier in a translation company part-time odd jobs, in charge of Tibetan manager, has been on the Tibetan R & D team complained. The reason is nothing more than the poor concept of time in Tibetans.
The lack of the concept of time has made the entire Tibetan population inefficient in time. Like spiritual cholera, it spreads throughout the Tibetan area.

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